Check out how app integrations can help you manage the customer journey:

Manage the entire customer journey and connect marketing, sales and customer success teams with Pipz integrations.

Use an Unbounce landing page and connect it to your own app

Attract customers with an Unbounce landing page and use it as a trigger to start a marketing automation. Use the "Condition" step to create a personalized journey based on the information given on the form. Since all Unbounce data is added to the contact's profile, add an "API Call" to send that information to your own app.

Connect both marketing and sales teams to increase revenue

Connect marketing and sales teams and get notifications when contacts reach a high leadscore through lead nurturing. Automatically send a custom message to the sales team channel on Slack and a push notification with our Pushbullet integration. At the same time, create a new deal on Pipedrive for that contact or a Hubspot profile with all of their information. This way, your sales team can quickly engage prospects and close more deals in less time.

Manage your subscribers with Maildocker and Mailchimp lists

Manage your subscribers by using our Mailchimp app integration in your marketing automation. Add newly subscribed contacts to a Mailchimp list, attract them with well-built newsletters and email marketing campaigns. You can also add users that have signed up for your product to a Maildocker list and engage them through transactional emails: notifications, updates, order confirmations and any other events related to your product.

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