Discover how to engage in real time with your users with in-app notifications:

Learn how to use Pipz Automation for real-time engagement through the customer journey with in-app messages!

Create a personalized user onboarding for your app

Use in-app messaging to send customized notifications to your users from within your product. Communicate with all online users, with a specific contact segment, or with a single user. Include an "In-App Message" step in a marketing automation to send personalized messages based on users' interactions - or a "Condition" step to segment your communication using the users' attributes.

Create an intuitive user onboarding in a fast and easy way, by choosing the notification size and where in the page it'll appear. Add instructions, place hints and tips anywhere on your product to help your users discover every new feature. Besides sending a simple notification, you can also ask for feedback of a new functionality, create an NPS survey, build an opt-in box, live chat with your users and even send personalized HTML messages!

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