Check out how real-time user analytics can help you understand their behavior:

Follow the actions of customers and understand their behavior with Pipz Customer Journey and Marketing Automation.

Greatly improve the onboarding and user experience of your SaaS

Use our Tracker code to follow the progress of new users in your product. Keep an eye on the pages that they've visited and check on which steps of the onboarding process they're having problems with. Send an in-app notification to help users in trouble and automatically create a Freshdesk ticket for your Customer Success team. This way, you'll be able to identify bottlenecks and improve the user onboarding experience.

Increase customer conversion and encourage user engagement

Follow every step of your customer journey and understand their behavior. Check opened emails, clicked links, viewed pages, read in-app notifications and downloaded content. Run A/B testing on your product, landing pages, website or blog to improve the performance of its layouts and CTAs.

Create targeted and personalized in-app notifications to encourage the engagement of your users. See which of their actions are leading to a purchase and create the perfect strategy to successfully attract, engage and retain customers.

Track the customer behavior within your website or app

After the registration, watch your customers' actions within your product, website, blog and landing pages through a complete analytics dashboard. Use it to easily identify the source of converted users, checking all of the steps they've taken before making the purchase, even if they've left your website and later returned. Measure the performance of ad campaigns, email marketing campaigns, lead nurturing flows and growth hacking actions.

Follow the customer behavior and improve the strategies of your SaaS using Pipz Automation:

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