Take a time to learn how a real-time updated metrics dashboard can help you develop successful customer retention strategies:

Monitor your customer journey and develop effective strategies with a complete dashboard from Pipz Marketing Automation.

Measure and monitor user activity in real-time

Analyze in real-time the evolution of new, active and inactive users in your database. Pick an initial and final date to evaluate the performance of lead acquisition and retention strategies for that specific period.

Keep track of daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports, and increase the success of your future strategies by planning them based on reliable statistics from an up-to-date metrics dashboard.

Improve the way you communicate with customers

Check how many customers have received your emails and in-app notifications, and if they're opening and/or clicking on them. Use these statistics to develop new customer engagement strategies, improve the way your marketing automation is segmenting contacts, enrich the content of your automated nurturing campaigns, create inspiring subject lines for your email messages, and send an in-app NPS survey for your users asking them what kind of content that they would like to receive.

Understand your users and develop successful strategies

Monitor a timeline of user-activated events to see what they're up to, while keeping track of the number of currently active marketing automation flows, how many events have been executed during that period of time, and the number of active users. Look for patterns on customer behavior, such as viewed pages, clicked emails or triggered marketing automation flows, and identify which actions are engaging customers and bringing more business opportunities.

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