Take a look at how you can use customer intelligence to manage their lifecycle and create targeted actions:

Use Pipz Automation profiles to create targeted actions based on your customer's journey and lifecycle.

Offer personalized, useful customer service for users

Each one of your customers has an individual profile on Pipz. Aside from storing contact info, such as company, job and social profiles, it has a timeline that keeps track of every event and interaction made by them with your product, blog, website and sent messages, including which marketing automation flows they're currently a part of.

Use it to follow their actions, understand their behavior, extract relevant information about which content and feature they're more interested in, identify on which stage of the customer lifecycle that they're currently at, and use this data to provide a personalized approach from Sales and Customer Success teams.

Create personalized actions to retain most valuable customers

Follow the customer lifecycle with their number of orders and total revenue spent. Easily calculate their Average Order Value and Lifetime Value (LTV), create a segment with the most valuable customers and retain them with targeted marketing actions.

Send personalized in-app notifications with surveys to ask for suggestions, opinions, and which feature of your product they like the most. You can also ask them to evaluate your product, a new functionality or a layout design using NPS surveys.

Offer new possibilities to users according to their preferences

Discover the way that your users are accessing your product, such as preferred browser, operating system, and device. Take advantage of these attributes and create a marketing automation with a "Condition" step to send a personalized in-app notification to users as soon as they log in.

You can provide them with a link to download your product on an app store, tell them that your product may perform better on a different browser, or simply inform the web address of your product's mobile version.

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