Find out how marketing automation can be used to engage with your users:

Discover how to create personalized journeys for your customers with Pipz automation flows, end to end!

Send a heartwarming welcome email to your new subscribers

Acquire and use a visitor's subscription for a newsletter as a trigger to send a heartwarming welcome email, while adding the contact to a custom segment of subscribers. Include the "In-App Message" step in the marketing automation to personally thank the new user for the subscription directly in your own product, website or blog.

Reach and retain recent customers with unique journeys

Retain your customers and acquire valuable feedback by engaging with them after the purchase. Use the Purchase button as a trigger, set a 7-day delay then send a survey asking for feedback about your product. If they show interest, add them to another marketing automation with a "Jump to Automation" step and keep sending them in-app notifications about new features on your product.

Add an "API Call" to retrieve useful data from the customer account in your own product: if the customer is almost running out of credits or its plan is close to be renewed, send a personalized email or in-app notification to offer an exclusive discount for an upgrade, showing the benefits, features and new capabilities of a higher plan from your product.

Link marketing automations to enhance lead nurturing

Create a complete lead nurturing system using an email opt-in link as a trigger to start the marketing automation flow. Add custom delays between in-app notifications and emails, and set the starting and ending date of the automation to make it active only on a certain period of time.

You can also determine on which period of the day and on which days of the week the marketing automation will be active. Include a "Condition" step and use the contact's engagement - such as opened and clicked messages - to filter who's interested in receiving your content.

At the end, add a "Jump to Automation" step to send leads to another automation, creating a personalized journey specially made to engage and qualify them. When your contacts are successfully nurtured, offer them a trial of your product: they'll love it!

Create fully personalized automation flows and manage the customer journey with Pipz Automation:

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