Questions about customer journey automation? Find the answer you're looking for with Pipz Frequently Asked Questions!

Pipz Automation Frequently Asked Questions

About Pipz

What is Pipz?

Pipz is a customer engagement platform that allows you to send in-app messages and automation flows with a wide variety of options that can be activated according to the user’s actions in your website, blog, the emails that you've sent and much more. You will be able to track user behavior and communication in real-time, using your app with a tool that was designed to make your life much easier!

I just signed up. Where do I start?

Check your email. There should be a greeting message from Bruce and Eddie informing you about the next steps to follow.

Do I have to install Pipz in my app?

Not exactly! Pipz has a lot of functionalities, but integration between your platform and ours must be established. You have to insert a small code called App, to establish communication. Then you should implement small functions to identify your contacts, send events and/or messages. Please check our documentation for detailed information on how to go by doing this.

Does it integrate with other platforms??

Yes! You can connect with several of your favorite platforms. If you didn't find a platform that you like among the available options, please let us know and we will do our best to include it!

Can I use it to send emails?

Yes you can! This is only one of the many features that Pipz has to offer! Just make sure not to send any SPAM! We have a very strong policy against spamming and, if you don’t abide by the rules, your account will be frozen!

What will happen if I send SPAM?

If Pipz infrastructure is used for spamming, the infringing account will be immediately blocked, with no refund of previously purchased credits. To ensure that you won't get into any trouble, we recommend that you carefully read our Anti-SPAM Policy and Terms of Use. If you still have any doubts about what you can and can't do, don't hesitate to contact us!


How do I add a user to my account?

Look for the Lateral Menu on the left side of your screen and click on the orange circle above your avatar, select Account and then go to System Settings. Once you have registered the new user, you'll receive an email with the instructions to create a password.

Can I have multiple users or different logins for a Pipz account?

Yes! You can create separate users that will be able to access your account and data.

How do I change my time zone on Pipz?

Access the Account option through the orange circle above your avatar, then go to "My Profile > Preferences" to set, or change, the time zone.

How do I change my password?

Access the Account option through the orange circle above your avatar, then go to "My Profile > Change Password" to set a new password.

How do I change my email address?

Access the Account option through the orange circle above your avatar, then go to "My Profile > Change Email" to set a new email.

I've changed my mind, how do I cancel my Pipz account?

Your Pipz account can last forever, but if you do not access it in 30 days, it will be automatically deleted. If you really wish to cancel right now, just contact us and we’ll make sure that all your data is purged from the system.

After canceling my Pipz account, how do I download my content and data?

Note that any download of content should be done before cancellation, because afterwards all data is permanently removed from our servers. That being said, you’ll have to use your USER API KEY and SECRET to retrieve the data. There is no function in the system interface that performs this action.

What's an USER API Key and Secret? How important are they?

This is your user and password to access the system through API. If you wish to check your contacts and lists, they will not be linked to your Connector (and there for they can't be accessed by the Connector API Key and Secret) but to your user. You should be very careful with this information. Anyone with access to this can access your information!

Contacts and People

How many contacts can I have?

Depends on your plan! The free plan allows you to have 100 contacts. But remember that both identified and unidentified contacts on you system count towards your plan limit.

How do I manage contact properties and segment lists?

On the menu, click on Contacts and choose the Profile option to change personal data, or the List option to manage which list this contact belongs to.

How do I manually add contacts?

Go to the lateral menu, at the left side of your screen, and select the Contacts option. To add more contacts simply click the "+" icon.

What is the difference between contacts and people? Does my plan have both of them?

You can send events of both identified and anonymous users. When you send information of an identified user, he will be added as a contact. If you send information of an anonymous user, it will be added as an unidentified contact. Both groups of identified and unidentified contacts that are added to the system are called people. Our plans count the number of people that your system is storing.

Can I send messages and emails to more than one contact at a time?

You can send both message and emails to as many recipients as you want. But remember that SPAM is not allowed in any way, shape or form!

Will Pipz store information of anonymous users?

Yes! If you send us an event without identifying your contact beforehand, it will be stored as an anonymous contact, but you will still be able to see its behavior.

Will I be able to store information about my contacts?

Yes! You can store many events and information from your contacts. Simply define the event, send it to us, and we will treat it. Events can come from both identified and unidentified people. You may even use a specific event to start an automation flow.

Can I send any kind of events?

Yes! You can store many events and information from your contacts! You define the event, sent to us and we will treat them! The events can come from both identified and unidentified people. You can use an specific event to start an automation flow as well.

Where do I get more information about a company?

Go to: Lateral Menu > Companies. You can insert and edit information about a company.

Can I add an existing contact to a new company?

Yes! Go to: Lateral Menu > Companies. Select the company and go to its contacts. Click on the "+" sign to either add a new contact or to select a contact that already exists in the system.

I just identified a new contact on my website, what information will Pipz have about them?

We will store all information that you provide in the identify method, as well as, general information that we receive automatically, such as: language, device, operational system, city, continent, time zone, etc. However, you should know that some addresses can be linked to a server, and may not accurately represent the location of a contact.

Auto messages

What kind of Auto Messages are there?

There are several Auto Messages! You can send only a simple notification, you can request a user input, a survey with 5 grades or even a call to action with a redirect button. And there is more to come!

Can Auto Messages be customized?

Yes! You can choose the type and size of messages, color of buttons and position in the screen. You can also configure options of when the message will be displayed!

To whom can I send Auto Messages?

You can send Auto messages to all your contacts at once, or define specific criteria to filter the users that you wish to send the message to.

Can I schedule a message to be sent at a specific time?

Yes! All messages at Pipz will be sent at the exact time that you specify.


Can I personalize my emails?

Yes! You can configure the templates of your emails. The email body can be either a simple text or you can use HTML to create more complex emails.

How can I add an attachment to an email?

Send through the API an "attachment" key with the "name", "type" and "content" fields, where the content is the base64 representation of the file that you want to send.

Can I resend emails that have already been sent?

No. Every message sent is a unique event.

Can I send automatic responses with Pipz?

Sure! You can use the behavior module to create event-based auto-replies.

Am I limited to one outgoing email address?

Not at all! All you have to do is add your own domains through the Settings option on the menu and if it's enabled, you can use any that you want.

What if I don't want to send emails to specific contacts?

You can either create a supression rule or a supression list. Anyone who is on the supression list or fulfills all requirements of the supression rule will not receive any email. To access these options go to: Settings > Supression List or Settings > Supression Rules.


How can I upload a list of contacts?

To add a list of contacts, go to: Settings > Lists. Create a new list on the “+” icon, or select an existing list. Then go to the Import Contacts tab and upload a CSV file or copy and paste your contacts on the right window. Both name and email are required to upload contacts. This is one of the many requirements to avoid spammers on Pipz!

How many lists can I have?

As many as you like!

Why can't I upload a list without names?

Pipz has a very strong Anti-SPAM policy. We do not tolerate it at all. We want you to upload contacts that actually want to receive your emails. We require their names as a precaution to avoid spamming.


What is a segment?

A segment is a series of rules which you can use to separate your contacts. It’s basically a filter. Use it if you wish to send an email or a message only to contacts that meet the criteria of certain rules specified by you.


What are activities?

Activities are all events and interactions between you and your client. You will be able to see when a contact logged in, started an automation flow, opened (or rejected) an email, etc. They will be displayed by contact and in the order that they happen. You can also see linked events shown in a chain of events.

How does Pipz track past events?

When an anonymous contact enters your app, a cookie is created, and their actions are stored. The moment when your contact identifies himself, all actions that he performed before the identification are linked to it, and so are the actions that take place after the identification.

What is a chain of events?

Chain of events is every action linked together that is derived from a single initial action. For example, let's say that you send two emails to your user: a welcome email and a first-steps email. Both emails have a link to a tutorial that the user can access on your website. With the chain of events, you can check from which email the user accessed the tutorial and what actions he performed while there. This way, you can track which email was more efficient.


What is an automation?

An automation will allow the system to respond to a specific contact according to their reaction. For example, if a contact didn't open an email in three days, you can send another email or create a new contact in another integration platform so that your commercial department can get in touch with them. The possibilities are endless.

What is a trigger?

It is a predefined event that will start (trigger) the automation.

Why should the automation be linked with an App

To start an automation, you must have one (or more) App(s) that can send an event that will start (trigger) the flow.

Can an automation be initialized by anything other than triggers?

Some integrations, such as, Lander, Instapage and Pipedrive, can send us events and, therefore, start automations. Another way is to add a contact directly to the Queue of an automation.

Can I see which contacts already went through an automation?

Yes! Select your Automation and go to the History tab. There, you will find all contacts that already started this automation.