Turning a website live chat into a powerful sales lead generator

[Infographic] Feel the need to generate sales leads? Discover how a website live chat widget can be used as a sales lead generator!
    On this blog post, you'll learn:
  • The benefits of a website live chat;
  • How does a live chat widget work;
  • How to turn your website into a sales lead generator.

The website is the main communication channel for any company or business. Virtually, all lead generation strategies have the objective of taking visitors to an online page. That also means that leads and opportunities from all kinds have the chance to know more about the company and its solutions.

Sales qualified leads also visit your website. That's why it's important to have the right tools to turn it into a sales lead generator. More than that: grab their attention and bring them to your company while providing a valuable relationship with leads and customers.

The question is: how to generate sales qualified leads without investing in more employees or elaborated strategies? The answer is to explore your main communication channel. Let's talk about the benefits of a website live chat widget for sales.

Website live chat: the first contact point

The conversation is the base of a good relationship. It creates an emotional connection between potential customer and company. More than ease the sale, it gives the company a personality.

However, a conversation is not just an automatic email. Of course, email marketing automation is extremely useful for personalized, timely messages. When we talk about a sales lead generator, a real-time communication is essential to grab qualified leads from their first visit.

44% of customers say that a website live chat feature during the purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer Forrester

The best live chat software allows the agility and personality prospects need. In many cases, communication made in the right moment is decisive for the lead to keep contact or leave the company for once. A reflex of that is that 44% of customers say that a website live chat feature during the purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer.

Another relevant stat is that 79% of customers prefer a website chat widget for the immediacy it provides. In our technologic world, it's easy to know the importance of catching the eye and interest of potential buyers since their first look.

How does a live chat widget work?

You've probably already visited a website with a little icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen, didn't you? That's a live chat widget where visitors can interact and make questions with a consultant in real time, without leaving the page.

Gorila App Website Chat for Visitors

Its behavior can change according to the website or software. The website chat icon can expand automatically, or show a specific message after the user clicks it. One way or another, it's a great communication channel to interact with leads and generate website sales.

Gorila App Website Chat Pop-Up

Another benefit of a website chat widget is its possibility to generate leads or redirect visitors to a different page. In the first option, the chat window itself has a web form to acquire leads. This way, visitors can keep up with the conversation through email, request a quote or an enterprise pricing in real time, right through the chat.

We use the chat on our site, which increased a lot the interaction on our page. Who doesn't know us prefer to talk through the chat to make a question and learn more, and the contact form is used by leads who know us and have more purchase intention.Otavio Augusto, Marketing Analyst @ Gorila App

Okay, I've talked a lot about the benefits of a chat widget to create a great relationship with leads since their first visit. But it's possible to generate website sales through this features? How to use a website chat to schedule demos and create quote requests? I've selected some powerful tips that'll help your company in this mission.

How to turn your website into a sales lead generator

Your website is an amazing channel to acquire new business opportunities. But to turn it into an effective acquisition channel, you have to plan a strategy. Be aware of these 5 (five) attributes - relevancy, visibility, agility, preparation, and integration:

Infographic: Turn your website into a sales lead generator using live chat

1. Relevancy: attention to the message and where you'll show it

It's common that the best live chat softwares have the option to show a specific chat window or message according to the visited page. By this, instead of creating a generic message to all visitors, it's possible to develop specific actions to who visits a certain page.

For instance: if the visitor access the Solutions page, the chat can show a message from a consultant offering more information about it. If the chat widget is in the Pricing page, a sales professional can tell the prospect about a special plan for startups or digital marketing agencies. Relevancy is key to making your website a sales lead generator.

The rule is to offer something relevant and with value to the visitor. Be direct but don't cross the line. Sales qualified leads need better information to help them move through the sales funnel. Otherwise, they'll simply ignore the chat and whatever's written in it.

2. Visibility: be seen, but respect the user experience

One of the best benefits of a website chat it's how it can expand automatically, right after the page loads. It's a good alternative to grab the attention of visitors but use it carefully.

A promotional pop-up that fills up almost the entire screen can be annoying, isn't it? The same goes for a chat window that, beyond sending an irrelevant message, makes it hard to browse the website. This scenario results in a bad user experience (UX), and also a bad customer experience.

That's why it's key to respect the customer navigation. The chat widget should help prospects, not make them frustrated and drive away from a sale. Be present, encourage them to click or answer your message, and start a natural conversation. To effectively make website sales, catch their eye and be there to help them. If you do it right, they'll come after you without you having to create gigantic pop-ups.

3. Agility: centralize your communication and be present

Availability is key to a turn your website into a sales lead generator. Offering a communication channel with visitors and leads is just the first step. After that, it's important that employees and teams are really available and aware of new requests and chat conversations.

Some of the best live chat software also shows the estimated time to be answered or online users in the last minutes. It's way more effective if the visitor gets an answer in a minute. For sales qualified leads, the estimated time to answer is decisive to close (or not) the deal.

When using a chat widget, employees and teams should be ready to help visitors and leads. This means that answering questions, sending quotes, chatting with potential customers, and all chat activities should be added to their daily tasks. After all, the website live chat is an important method of customer acquisition.

4. Preparation: plan how you'll help visitors and leads

More than preparing the teams that'll answer the requests, each and every team must be seamlessly integrated to offer a good buying experience. While the sales team can answer chats within the Pricing page, support can chat with users in the Solutions page, and marketing can offer educational content in the Blog, for instance.

Even knowing that different teams will be helping visitors, there must be an alignment between their messages and approaches. They must use the same communication tone. For a sales lead generator website, it's also important to identify the visitors' technical knowledge and business information to enrich their profiles.

A good practice is to delegate specific pages for each team. Such as the examples I've given above, other pages such as plans, implementation and documentation can be used by the sales team to generate sales qualified leads. The same happens with the blog and landing pages, where marketing can identify on which stage of the sales funnel visitors are. With it, visitors that still need lead nurturing can be properly approached when they're ready.

5. Integration: continue the conversation in other channels

Congratulations, your website live chat strategy is up and running! But make no mistake: that's not your company's only communication channel with leads and visitors. After the lead is acquired, the conversation must continue in different channels.

In some cases, the lead not available to close the deal through chat. The best option is to continue the negotiation using email, which can be used to send complementary content to ease the decision-making process. Social media also work as a communication channel. Depending on the stage of the lead, cold calling can create proximity with the best business opportunities.

In conclusion: integrate your company's communication channels, and treat them all as relationship marketing tools. If you want to turn your website into a sales lead generator, the entire communication must flow and move the lead towards the bottom of the sales funnel.

Where to manage chat widget conversations?

Let's face it: a company need to keep up with all conversations made with a sales lead generator - the website live chat. There are customer engagement solutions that help the integration and analysis of received requests and messages. However, choose a software that allows you to control every single chat conversation, along with the possibility of assigning a responsible team.

Pipz Automation | Conversations Feature

Remember that relationship marketing includes the communication with everyone. That includes new visitors, sales qualified leads and existing customers. The tip is to get yourself a solution that allows you to talk with everyone the same way, quick and easy.

Did you notice how many times I've used the word "conversation"? In the bottom line, visitors, leads and customers want to talk with people. Robot-like messages go against this idea. That's why you need to engage them in real conversations: that's the difference between a chat bot and a real person.

Next steps

A website live chat software shouldn't be your only acquisition channel for sales qualified leads. But it's certainly the best way to take advantage from your main communication channel with potential customers.

Remember the five tips - relevancy, visibility, agility, preparation, and integration - to turn your website into a powerful sales lead generator. Besides that, it's important that each team know their role in the process. Marketing, sales and customer teams should be prepared to offer an incredible experience since the beginning.

What about you? Are you thinking of using a website chat widget to generate sales leads? If you already use it, which results you got? Share your experiences in the comments section!

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