Relationship marketing: use live-chat for hotter leads

Using in-app and in-site live chat to heat up leads and improve SaaS conversion rates.

    On this blog post, you'll learn:
  • How in-app live chats can improve relationship marketing;
  • Benefits of centralizing communication at one platform;
  • How easy it's to manage new, open and closed conversations.

The concept of relationship marketing itself is stronger than any other kind of customer-company interaction. How catchy is the idea of harvesting a valuable, individual bond between a SaaS and each one of its prospects, all that to bring them closer to a purchase?

Taking it from theory to practice, a company needs the right tools for the job. It includes real-time communication and engagement tool, a transactional email or email marketing service, and of course, a CRM platform to manage all these hot leads.

For startups or small teams, the perfect illusion of relationship marketing shatters almost instantly when faced with the many resources needed to keep track and send better leads to the final stage of the conversion funnel.

Not even bigger companies are safe from the distress of hiring several hands for several platforms, each one covering just a part of the relationship marketing process. And it's terribly worse when this process is split between different teams and loses its "personality".

Improve relationship marketing with conversation

Conversation is the base of a good relationship, both in our personal life and our business life. Occasional "Just checking in" emails aren't enough to keep up with the level of intimacy customers expect from companies.

How do you build relationships? You invest. You give of yourself.Sean McCabe, Creative Entrepreneur @ seanwes (source)

Although it's a powerful way to nurture and convert leads, emails lack the "real-time" factor, and some customers prefer the one-to-one communication with a company. The best strategy is to work a lead nurturing strategy together with a relationship marketing strategy.

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The key is offering a chance for a real conversation, just after the first contact of the lead with the product or website, with a live chat icon where they get a welcome message, ask questions and discover more about its features:

Using In-App and In-Site Chat to Heat Up Leads | Pipz Automation

Knowing the chat icon remains visible in all the pages of a website or product, it shows to be more effective for the customer to interact with the company through it than accessing the Contact page or sending an email.

Centralize the contact relationship

It's important to keep all the open conversations between the lead and the company together in one place, where it can be used by the marketing team to follow the effectivity of relationship marketing strategies. Keeping a history of interactions it's useful to:

  • Check which questions already have been answered by the marketing team;

  • determine on which aspect of the product they're more interested;

  • verify on which kind of message or content they interact the most;

  • define the best approach to heat up these leads.

Especially for SaaS companies, the communication must be omnichannel: emails, live in-app chat, phone calls and SMS - possible through app integrations such as Twilio. All these channels of communication should be integrated in order to both increase productivity and improve effectivity.

It allows following not only their communication but also their actions within the website or the product. The good thing is everything is stored in a database that can be accessed through individual profiles, or segmented through Smart Segments of users if there's a need to send a "broadcast" message for specific users.

Another benefit of having a special place for conversation with leads is that it can be easily accessed by the marketing team or specific professionals through the same Customer Lifecycle Management platform.

Manage new, open and closed conversations

The same way there are different social media management platforms to help companies build a strong relationship with leads and prospects, it's also important having a customer engagement platform to control conversations started on the company's website or product.

Since relationship marketing is made of conversations, the marketing team must also manage the ongoing dialogues with their leads, the most recent ones and those who have already been closed:

Managing In-App and In-Site Conversations to Heat Up Leads | Pipz Automation

Relationship marketing is about giving without asking for anything in return. When made the right way, leads will naturally grow fond of the company and will get closer to the purchase moment. Even though it's through a live in-app chat, the conversation is still made of two people talking with each other.

The best way to heat up the lead is to offer a unique journey for them using things they tell you: issues and difficulties they're facing at the moment, questions about a feature they don't know what's for, and so on. Notes can be really helpful to save important key information for later to improve the lead's experience with the product:

Using notes on In-App and In-Site Conversations to Heat Up Leads | Pipz Automation

These notes can be accessed by the sales team to check for relevant information acquired through the conversation with the lead, in order to extend the pleasant experience they had at first through the relationship marketing strategy.

Being thoughtful, creating channels and opportunities of communication and providing valuable help to leads is the road to send more qualified, warmed up leads to the sales team.

Relationship marketing is built over time, but having the right tools for the job can speed up the process. And for that, real time communication is the key to helping leads go through the conversion funnel naturally.

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