How do I convince my boss to invest in marketing automation?

Here are some powerful arguments to convince your boss it's time to invest in a more advanced and intuitive marketing automation platform.
    On this blog post, you'll learn:
  • Tips to present a new automation solution in your company;
  • Nine arguments that'll help you change your boss' mind;
  • How a marketing automation software helps an entire company.

Changing a manager's mind about a tool or strategy is always a challenge. I mean, depending on how big the change is, it may require some dedication, paciente, persistency and time.

Is it going to work out for the best? What are the consequences? How difficult would it be to implement and to train the staff? There are so many things involved. But the thing is, if you've found something that you know is worth it, it's your job to present it to your manager, so that the whole company can benefit from it.

I'm pretty sure that you've came across a really great marketing automation tool recently (Pipz, perhaps!) and need to convince your boss that it's time for a change.

It's time to invest in marketing automation.

The difficult task of presenting a new software

Introducing a new software clearly isn't an easy task. To start, both company and staff are already used to the current tool, and although some might be aware of its limitations, it takes some time and effort to make the change.

Besides, the main concern is the impact of this change within the company. Is it going to affect the team's productivity? Will the customers notice something? Is it going to cause any harm to the revenue?

It's your job to prove that the small bumps you might find on the road of change are pretty much insignificant compared to the benefits on the long run, when you invest in a better marketing automation software.

You probably already studied the software's pros and cons and are convinced the change is necessary. Now it's time to list the arguments you'll need to have when when presenting the new solution to your boss:

  • New tool's price: you'll need to justify the new price to you boss, probably higher;
  • Prove the solution's value: make a list ahead of time;
  • Transmit its main benefits for the company.

If your don't know where to start, let me help you with that.

The main arguments to invest in marketing automation

I have selected a few topics that you can discuss with your boss or manager that'll help them understand why it's so important to invest in a more advanced marketing automation software.

63% of companies that are outgrowing their competitors use marketing automation.Lenskold Group

If you aren't using anything yet, just show how this can be a game changer on your market.

1. Automation is not only for marketing

Who says a marketing automation software only benefits the marketing team?

With a complete software, sales and customer success teams can also have an increase in productivity and bring more results to the company.

To start, you can integrate all the company's internal workflow to better "pass on the baton" between teams at the right time. This means the whole company can overview what's going on with leads and customers. Which stage of the sales funnel are they on? Who's talking to them? What has been said to them?

You can follow up processes and tasks by keeping all communications in one place.

The practical gain? With more than one team using the software, its cost can be divided between them, and the ROI can be calculated between the three areas. The good results generated by the tool might indicate that the ROI will be easily overcome if all departments work together.

2. Faster lead nurturing and more MQLs

Accelerating the sales cycle and bringing more qualified leads to the approach moment is an ever-growing pain for sales and marketing professionals.

Investing in a marketing automation platform allows your company to automate and hyper segment a lead nurturing strategy. This way, you'll get hotter leads that are receiving the right educational content.

Plus, the software can automatically hand-off these leads to sales when they're ready for a sales approach. This means a part of the sales cycle will flow automatically, without both marketing and sales teams having to identify and hand them off manually.

The immediate results are better integration between sales and marketing teams, less communication problems, faster sale cycle and, consequently, more deals being closed.

3. Focus on better opportunities

One of the main problems faced by the marketing and sales teams is the time being spent with cold leads or non-fit prospects.

Let me explain: when you have an inbound marketing and some other acquisition strategies, usually you end up with a list of prospects that might be, or not, your ideal personas. In other words, not all leads are ready to buy from you. This can be a great problem as the company might be losing precious time with the wrong people.

The solution? Lead tracking, lead score and customer engagement index. With these three simple features, you can determine who's ready to be approached, who needs more nurturing, who's a candidate for upsell, who might need a call from the customer success team and more.

It will not only save your company valuable hours but also increase your company teams' efficiency and revenue. See how investing in marketing automation isn't good just for marketing?

4. Easier to measure ROI

Calculating ROI is a big challenge for marketing teams. It relies on customer acquisition costs, conversion rates, number of customers acquired, CLTV and other things, including investments, salaries and software costs.

The good news is that a good Business Intelligence tool will make it easier for you to measure and analyze these metrics so that the teams can identify what is working, what's not and what needs to be changed.

The change will allow the entire company to identify profitable and unprofitable strategies in real-time, without the need for meetings to evaluate if strategies are really driving revenue. This also results in faster changes and saves money, time and efforts.

5. It gives resources for growing up

Investing in marketing automation will give your company the future structure to scale up. The main point, whether you're a small company or an enterprise, is that the right marketing automation platform must fit your necessities. This is a long-term investment, after all.

Marketing automation provides the opportunity to target bigger audiences with accurate messaging, with a minimal amount of work.

Note that the goal of automation is not to remove work entirely, but to help your entire team to work more efficiently. The beauty of this? You can scale up processes that usually don't scale, such as personalization, conversation with clients and customer delight.

This happens because you create personalized messages for email campaigns, landing pages, websites, in-app messages, real-time chats and different other ways to communicate with your client to offer remarkable experiences.

In conclusion, marketing, sales and customer success teams can benefit from this scale support.

Remember that the bigger the company goes, the bigger are the teams, processes and tasks. The appropriate tool facilitates not only control and visualization of tasks but also the integration between departments.

6. Quicker implementation/migration

One of your boss' biggest fears, for sure. The time that will take to implement the new software and the migration process are the top concerns in the moment of switching automation platforms.

Well, the first question is: are you using any other tool? If so, there shouldn't be a problem to migrate to another one. The best companies offer support during migration and implementation - just ask them for help!

Let's use Pipz as an example. To simplify the process, meetings are scheduled to offer all the guidance needed. A customer success manager is assigned to guide the customer through all the steps. The team ensures that you'll reach your objectives. Detailed documentation, and all technical support is also available via chat, email or telephone.

All the data from your contacts and companies can be migrated from softwares like Mixpanel, Intercom, Mailchimp and Autopilot to Pipz with easy steps so you can continue the journey from where you've stopped.

7. They'll spend less with new hirings

Just think about it: once important tasks are automated, there's extra time to focus on other things. In other words, more time to work faster and better to achieve more results.

Automation allows small teams to focus their strengths, agility, creativity, and adaptability on the efforts that give them the best return on investment.

Not to mention that having just one platform that does it all saves time and money. Onboarding the staff is always expensive, specially if you have different softwares. With an all-in-one tool, the results will show faster.

8. Measure and analyze results in the short term

As we said before, once the company invests in marketing automation, it can acquire, nurture and retain customers more easily and in less time.

With it, it's easier to measure and analyze results and adjust it accordingly. The teams will have more time to evaluate and plan the strategies, based on reliable information, and make the best decision to always have the best results. A better software gives you all the support to execute tasks efficiently and analyze all the data collected.

9. Increase MRR while reducing churn

One of the greatest benefits of automation is offering tools to plan and execute strategies to increase MRR through retention.

Features that help measuring customer engagement can be extremely helpful on analyzing pre-churn signs, for example. This will give the company time to try and turn things around with re-engagement strategies. And even if churn is inevitable, you can always turn things around by discovering the reasons behind it. After all, the teams already have all the information about user behaviour and patterns.

To complete, the company will be able to build and follow the whole customer journey map and provide a powerful customer experience from the very first interaction. Good experiences are responsible for client loyalty, advocacy and eventually feedbacks that can be used to perfect the product and adjust issues.

Ready to make your case?

These are only a few arguments that you can use to try to convince your boss of the necessity of a change. If you are already using a marketing automation platform and have spotted the necessity of an advanced tool, you need to be extremely persuasive when presenting an alternative.

Study all the features, learn its main differences and try to explain how this new investment can increase productivity, efficiency and improve ROI and revenue.

If you're looking for more help, let us know. If you are interested in knowing more about Pipz, schedule you demo now and collect more info about our software to base your presentation.

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