Easy communication tips & hints that'll surely build customer loyalty

Think your high churn rate comes from a communication problem with clients? Learn how combat that and conquer customer loyalty.
    On this blog post, you'll learn:
  • How to discover if you have customer retention issues;
  • What is and what's the importance of customer loyalty;
  • Great communication tips to drive loyalty from clients.

Do you talk to your customers? You might think you do, but maybe you are not doing it so well.

It's like that game kids play with the two tin cans connected by a string: you are talking on one side but the person on the other doesn't understand anything you are saying.

This causes problems in communication and, on the business world, can result in many consequences.

Communication is the base of long-term client-company relationship and is an important part of brand loyalty, along with good service and great product.

When you have ticked all of these boxes, you'll have reached retention, customer loyalty and maybe even the evangelism stage. That's the dream, right? Well, than let's make it a reality.

How can you tell if you have a client retention problem?

If you are looking for contents about improving communication with clients, it's likely you are having problems with retention. But what does that mean, exactly?

High churn and quick turn-over

The first thing you might notice is that your clients are signing and cancelling contracts very quickly, within three to six months. That means they are not satisfied, but you don't really know why, right?

And if your cancellation rate is high, meaning you have a lot of "churned users", no matter how long your client has been there for, you also need to investigate - and do something about it.


This is more a sign of pre-churn, but it can also indicate a communication problem. Clients that don't interact with you and your SaaS product have no use for it, and they can cancel at any moment. Meaning you need to make them see your value!

Low interaction

If you're sending emails but they're not being seen or there is no interaction what so ever, it could signalize the stage right before cancellation, or even a problem in lead nurturing. That's right, problems with communication can affect different areas and stages of the customer journey.

What is the customer loyalty definition?

loyalty can be defined as a customer continuing to believe that your organization’s product/service offer is their best option.

[...] It means hanging in there even when there may be a problem, [...] that they do not seek out competitors and [...] being willing to spend the time and effort to communicate with the organization [...]Loyalty Research Center

To achieve brand loyalty, you need to think about how you can convince your client that you have the best offer, delivering that and providing a pleasant experience every time.

Seems simple, and it can be, if you do it with dedication and a customer-first mindset.

4 ways to improve communication with your customer

As we've said until now, communication is very important if you want to achieve customer loyalty.

Just like with B2C companies, such as NuBank (a brazilian banking startup) or an e-commerce, that send out personalized messages, has 1-on-1 conversations and become cases of success because of it, you as a SaaS company, need to aim for that.

Here are a few ways to do that:

#1 Provide in-app and in-site live chat

Offering different channels of communication for your client, or prospect, is a great way to stimulate talk.

In-app and in-site chat will allow you to always be available to them, be it to help with something on the system or answer questions about your product and pricing.

The truth is people want to solve their problems fast, and you need to give them that option!

Check out this content about relationship marketing we have up on our blog.

#2 Personalize your emails

No one wants to talk to a robot or feel like just one more in the crowd.

That's what bulk mailing does, and it can cost you the relationship and the client, on the long run. The best option to retain clients and cultivate customer loyalty is by actually talking to them, treating them as individuals.

Using highly personalized email campaigns with smart segments will allow you to narrow the funnel and reach exactly the right people, maximizing your efforts and driving better results.

#3 Focus on social media

Social media is a big part of brand construction, and also a great way to talk to clients.

It's an easy and informal way of communication, available to all and that can bring a lot of opportunities, without mentioning it's a great way of building brand loyalty even before leads convert.

Besides, a "nice" company is usually perceived as such by its social media behavior.

Share contents that are relevant, and not only yours; be nice and always answer people. You never know who might be talking to you.

#4 The extra: think outside the box

If possible, go beyond the traditional techniques of marketing and try and please your client. Here are a few examples:

A Nubank's client sent a message requesting a new card because his dog ate the one he had.

The company not only sent a new one, but also a handwritten letter from the customer service operator, Talita, and a purple toy for the dog. There, they got a client for life, and probably another hundred.

Building brand loyalty and customer loyalty is not that hard, but takes dedication and creativity. And most of all, a belief that this can make a difference to your company and to your company's clients.

Do you have other suggestions to improve communication with clients? Tell us, please on our social media.

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