An advanced, easy to use
marketing automation platform

Take control and easily manage the customer journey:

Acquire, engage and understand your customers.

Marketing automation helps your business' growth!

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Great features for lead acquisition and activation. Create personalized journeys for your customers!

Acquire and convert
leads into paying users

The first step of customer journey automation is acquisition. Attract new users with landing pages, acquire information, track their actions from the start to create unique, inspiring journeys.

In-app messages, marketing automation and app integrations for lead management and real-time customer engagement.

Targeted real-time
user engagement

Set marketing automation campaigns with totally customizable in-app messages, in-app live chat, emails and app integrations to develop automated customer journeys, based on the user behavior.


Increase your company's revenue
with marketing automation.

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Real-time updated metrics dashboard, with all of your customer's actions, events and data.

Customer intelligence
and behavioral analytics

Marketing automation lets you manage the customer lifetime value (LTV) and their interaction in your app with individual profiles. Plan your growth strategies based on reliable data and metrify your results with personalized conversion funnels.

Automate the customer journey with Pipz to improve customer relationship and retain valuable customers.

Customer retention for
your revenue growth

Acquire valuable feedback from users with NPS surveys and in-app live chat. Use marketing automation to help your long-term user retention strategies, increase Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) and reduce churn. Focus on what really matters: your company's growth.


eCentry is present in all the world!

Pipz was created by the passionate team from eCentry, a global company made to bring you the best digital solutions on email marketing, transactional emails and customer journey automation, to help in the growth of your company.

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  • Mitsubishi
  • Acciona
  • BMW
  • Securitas
  • Jonhsons
  • Lufthansa
  • MSC
Pipz Automation delivers the best digital solutions, helping in the growth of business all around the world.