Drive loyalty with a remarkable
customer success and make users
fall in love with your company

Follow the entire lifecycle, develop a proactive customer service and engage with users to build long-lasting relationships.
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This solution is ideal to:


with customers starting from the user onboarding and beyond.


their behavior and measure how they interact with you.


your customers to reduce user churn and maximize the company's MRR.


Build an automated onboarding
to welcome users into your product

An automated user onboarding with in-app notifications and emails is key to boost activation rates. Reach out to new users and guide them through your product to show all you've got to offer.

Onboard new users with an automated & personalized customer journey.

Get rid of onboarding bottlenecks
and improve customer activation rates

Do you know how many users are effectively going through the onboarding process? Set up milestones to be achieved by users so you can follow up or help your new customers.

Optimize user onboarding and take actions to welcome or help new users.

Have an accurate view of how
users interact with your product

Keep an eye on every step of the customer journey starting from their first login. Measure user activity with reliable metrics, identify heavy users and develop actions to reengage inactive ones.

Follow the interactions from customers to identify heavy users and inactive clientes in your product.

Be available when customers
need a helping hand from you

Talk in real time with users from within your own software and build valuable relationships through remarkable customer service. Be there for them and make them fall in love with your company.

Talk in real time with users to answer questions and help them through their journey.

Create targeted email engagement
to keep customers coming back

Help users make the best of your solution with guides and keep them updated about new features through hypertargeted emails, sent according to how they interact with your product.

Send targeted email campaigns to keep customers updated about your product.

Bring a high-touch customer success
to improve user experience

A personalized customer service is the secret to high retention rates. Unify the customer success communication by keeping all emails, replies and chat messages from users in the same place.

Store all interactions and messages from users in a intelligent inbox for customer success.

Deliver incredible value to users
through a customer-centric strategy

Orchestrate the entire customer experience with a complete overview of onboarding, implementation and support activities. Scale customer success efforts and help users reach their goals.

Overview and manage all tasks and processes from the customer success team.

Make intelligent decisions based
on reliable, real-time user analytics

Bring all the relevant metrics to the Customer Success team into one place, develop user engagement & activation strategies, and follow their performance in real-time updated reports.

Reduce churn and measure user engagement with real-time updated user analytics.

Understand the user behavior now
and reduce your company's churn:

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A complete toolset of features to
build a customer-centric company

Drag-and-drop marketing automation

Trigger automatic actions, messages and integrations based on user interaction.

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Onboarding milestones

Define objectives and rules to help users during the onboarding and properly activate them.

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Real-time event tracking

Follow each and every interaction and fully understand the user's behavior in your product.

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Smart segmented campaigns

Keep your customers engaged and updated
by sending highly targeted email campaigns.

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Real-time in-app conversations

Engage with users through real-time live
chat and targeted in-app notifications.

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Customer Engagement Index™ (CEI)

Map the most important interactions in your
product to identify active and inactive users.

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Workflow management

Overview and manage the entire customer
success workflow at once, in the same place.

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Customer & Business Intelligence

All the metrics that really matter for you to
plan strategies and drive customer satisfaction.

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Discover how to drive customer loyalty
with an incredible customer success:

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