Go from acquisition to loyalty and grow your
company with the perfect customer experience

Acquire and convert leads, engage with customers and analyze everything along the process, all in the same place.
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Show that you're always available and chat in real-time with visitors and users. Easily bring the ideal customer journey to life with drag-and-drop marketing automation. Understand everything in your company and make the best decisions for its growth with Business Intelligence.

Solutions to make the best of your
marketing, sales and customer success teams

Marketing & Sales
Customer Success


Proactive live chat


Email campaigns


Marketing automation





Onboarding milestones


In-app live chat


In-app messaging


An incredible customer experience

Customer Journey

Marketing & Sales

Automate lead acquisition and nurturing to convert visitors into customers faster than ever before.


Customer Success

Understand the behavior, connect engagement channels and achieve a 360º vision of customers.


Customer Journey

Everything from both solutions to offer a remarkable experience for clients through their lifecycle.


Be available to visitors and
bring new opportunities for sales

Break the ice and welcome visitors with heartwarming messages to help them right from the start. Get their contact info to continue the conversation and turn them into customers.

Bring great opportunities and deals for sales with live chat conversations.

The customer journey starts
with a great first impression

Make it easy for visitors to convert on your website. Boost your lead generation using smart webforms and amazing drag-and-drop landing pages.

Start the customer journey with high converting landing pages and webforms.

Automate the journey
from acquisition to conversion

Save time and effortlessly push leads through the funnel. Just draw the perfect customer journey and let marketing automation do all the work to convert them.

Go from acquisition to conversion with automated lead nurturing.

Process and workflow
management made easy

Make your teams' work better together. Align processes, automate workflows and improve communication between people to boost marketing, sales and customer success efforts.

Make it easy for teams to collaborate with workflow management. style=

Goodbye bulk mailing,
hello hyper-targeted campaigns

Develop engaging email campaigns with easy-to-use smart segments and dynamic content, and go beyond "first name" personalization in your emails.

Create hyper-targeted email campaigns to make it more personal.

Understand the customer behavior's
throughout their lifecycle

Discover everything, from origin to detailed behavior, in an intuitive timeline starting at their first contact with your website or product and long after that.

Analyze the customer lifecycle to understand their behavior throughout the journey.

Boost your results by
aligning marketing and sales

Close deals faster than ever by integrating marketing and sales in the same workflow. Have your own unique pipeline? Turn it into a flawless deal management machine with our fully adaptable CRM.

Align marketing and sales teams to close more deals and boost your results.

Engage at the right
channel, at the right time

Bring customers closer to your company with a personal, 1-on-1 communication. Talk with them in real time, send targeted notifications and emails, and keep all their messages and interactions history in the same place.

Drive engagement with your visitors, leads and customers at the right channel and time.

Help customers even before
they contact the support team

Provide users with a complete knowledge base with help articles and frequently asked questions, where they'll easily solve problems by themselves without having to contact customer service.

Save time by helping customers even before they contact the help team.

Find out which are your
most engaged users

Don't rely only on the number of logins to measure user activity. Identify the most valuable users based on your own custom rules with a powerful Customer Engagement Index™.

Measure user activity to discover which are your most and least engaged users.

Provide great user experiences with
Customer Success Management

The customer success depends on a strong framework to manage their entire lifecycle. Effectively manage all help desk tasks and follow up with new customers throughout the user onboarding.

Provide great experiences for users and clients with Customer Success Management workflows.

Better understand your company
using Business Intelligence

Know what’s going on in every corner of your business and make the best decisions for its growth. Knowledge is power: manage and evaluate strategies based on data, not guesses.

Follow your company's performance indicators and strategies using real-time Business Intelligence.

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solutions your company needs:

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A complete toolset of features to
manage the customer journey

Drag-and-drop marketing automation

Stop stressing yourself out by manually handling every step of the sales funnel. Use a drag-and-drop automation system to create flows that will unload your day, giving you time to focus on your clients.

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Live chat conversations

Never leave your customers hanging or lose sales opportunities ever again. Engage proactively with leads and customers in your app or website, and store all of their interaction history in the same place.

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Intelligent team inbox

Make sure conversations with users don't disappear among all messages. Grow sales and customer service by automatically assigning requests to available team members and boost response speed.

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Learning Center

Make it easy for users to find the answers they're looking for. Create your own knowledge base with help content where customers can navigate and quickly solve their problems.

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Real-time Business Intelligence

Quit wasting time looking everywhere for the answers you need. Store customers' data, build fully customized analytics dashboards for each team and plan strategies using actionable metrics.

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Workflow management

Process management shouldn't be too complicated. Create powerful automated boards connecting marketing tasks to a personalized sales CRM, and support tasks from customer success.

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Smart segmented campaigns

Building data-driven strategies is easier than you think. Hypersegment and engage users based on their behavior, engagement index and interactions with your website/app.

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Customer Engagement Index™

Don't rely on number of logins to measure user activity within you product. Assign scores for each user-activated event and define rules that automatically classify heavy users from inactive ones.

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Reasons why Pipz is the right fit:

For Marketing
Push leads through the funnel effortlessly

Save precious time by building automated lead management processes that deliver more MQL to the sales team.

For Sales
Shorten the sales cycle and close deals faster

Easily manage deals and trigger automated sales approaches for each
opportunity by integrating CRM & marketing automation.

For Customer Success
360º customer engagement & intelligence

Proactively engage with customers during their entire lifecycle using
live chat, in-app notifications and targeted emails.

For C-level and managers
Make data-driven decisions for your company

Evaluate your business' performance in real time, through metrics
that'll help you on the decision-making process.

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marketing, sales and customer success solutions:

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